2 comments on “Dreams are the place our world starts to become healthier, what is your dream for this World?

    • I have an idea for you to consider. First its vital to know what it is that is calling itself “you”. Lets say it is something you feel you can control, your “self” awareness. We know that we cannot control our body, in general it runs itself well if “we” let it have what its used to. Its a smart creation of its own “you” just happen to have inherited at some point in your experience as “you”. Your spirit is another thing that we just inherited at some point in your stream of “awareness” of your “self”. This energy of spirit is itself found intermingling everything and being reused and recycled in ways we know and others still to be discovered. Point is that since “you” are not either of these what are you really? Body is recycled, spirit is recycled, awareness is no thing so it is eternally living in the Now, the Now you are in is your Eternal Now, You and I and all things will always and have always been in one form or another so life is not you breathing or even dreaming out of body but being awareness itself, consciousness allows us to see ourselves but we are essentially nonexistent therefore not dead or alive, those are words we use in our consciousness to address ourselves, we are a mass. But the Mass is One at some level. If you relax your ideas about Life and just experience selfness you will feel what you will always feel, the Now and the Self, which you are currently using to analyze your Self, which is literally all around you extending forever as we speak, it is Illusion, enjoy. Just a possibility to consider from my experience. have a wonderful day and night

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