Welcome to CRNC, Costa Rica Nature Conservatory. This effort to preserve one of Natures amazing gifts to the Universe in the form of Costa Ricas Nature was born of a love for its amazing biodiversity and contribution to the advancement of life.

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph something in the sky observing this landscape along side me. I will leave it to you the readers to decide what it is, I certainly have never seen anything like it though so I will refrain from saying what I think, but the photo is being analyzed by authorities in the field. I will keep you all informed. Enjoy the rest of the blog posts and share please!

Observers from space over Costa Rica

Observers from space over Costa Rica closeup

Observers from space over Costa Rica closeup

Paqe butterfly

Spotlight on  Costa Rica Nature

Featuring news from around Costa Rica relating to nature and other useful perusing for our readers enjoyment

Our latest amazing offering concerns citizens and police working together to protect marine life, great initiative.

See the making of a Turtle Enclosure here 

Read this Impacting story about an artists ambition to unleash a gigantic plastic missile in the middle of a crowded shopping center of the Capital of Costa Rica to make his voice heard. TO BOOM or not TO BOOM see the video interview in HD

See the story about whales cruising the coast  whales HD here , and trawler fishing being made illegal see news video here. Now we wait for law enforcement or we create it. That blog will be growing I’m sure, the sea and its inhabitants are very dear to my heart so I will post new developments regularly.

Another interesting topic is that of Dragon fruit and its remarkable properties. Found on the rocky coast of Costa Rica are tangles of enormous cactus vines with gigantic white flowers. These flowers get pollinated by bats and moths during the fragrant nights resulting in a fruit of astonishing magenta flesh peppered with high protein seeds. see story

In addition you will find a story in photos of a female golden star spider orb weaver, friendly garden balance keeper that should win a place in our hearts. story here

Thank you for reading, following and sharing, I hope you enjoy the information.

If you would like to visit me here for professional services or a request you may contact me at my email.

Learn, Love, Conserve,,cordially Capt. Richard Barone

tree with heart

tree with heart


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