My galleries are primarily a collection of edited and unedited photos and possibly HD videos that I have personally taken or have permission to use with or without credits. Feel free to look around and consider donating to use them in your own gallery virtual or real. This is a way I provide to contribute to my self employed conservationist efforts, thank you and blessings to those who care enough for Time to know how precious what we do is. Enjoy, I hope you feel like you are here, cordially Capt. Richard Barone


2 comments on “Gallery

  1. Wow Ive lived here for almost three years and have never seen this beautiful creature and now he’s right here at my doorstep. This is going to be fun..

    • Yes ma’am, thank you for your comment, glad you could see the Alligator Gar in pics. Its an awesome sight for sure and I am glad we could share enthusiasm for this marvelous place. Check out the video of us feeding catfood to the catfish, its crazy how big they are and how tame they are becoming accepting handouts. Have a wonderful day

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